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Product Description Generator

Speed up the content creation process.
Descra simplifies writing copy for e-commerce and data driven websites.
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Speed up your textual content creation process

Automated text generation will accelerate your website content creation. With Descra you save time and minimize the effort.

Product description generator
Writing compelling and unique stories and descriptions of your products is never easy or swift - it takes time and effort that could be spent elsewhere. Meet Descra, a powerful product description generator which can help you create hundreds of distinctive product stories. With Descra, you can speed up your copywriting process by 100 times.
SEO content creation
Write hundreds of unique and SEO-friendly texts in a matter of minutes and post them on numerous pages. You need unique texts to rank high in search engines.
Content creation tools
Add synonyms, convert numbers, change date formats. Descra supports singular and plural forms to make your content outstanding.
Supported e-commerce providers
Descra simplifies writing product descriptions for all e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and others.